• ICP Associates, LLC

The Client:

ICP Associates, LLC (ICP) is a national consulting firm established in 1986.  The founder of ICP is an extremely talented  professional in the field of infection control with an impressive resume as an author of industry related articles and publications.  ICP offers a variety of products and services for the infection control industry including consultation. Consultation is provided to hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, surgery centers and health care industries.

The Challenge:

The founder of ICP (Gail Bennett, RN, MSN, CIC) felt her business was ready to take the next step, and really begin to grow.  She wanted to reach more potential customers by leveraging the power of the web.  She also wanted to begin to market her products, publications, and services to a larger body of infection control professionals, and she wanted a more automated registration process for her seminars and public appearances. Lastly, she wanted control over the look and feel of her website on an ongoing basis without incurring exorbitant maintenance costs.

The Solution:

When we first met with ICP, we listened.  Our client had very distinct goals that she wished to achieve.  We discussed brand equity, and the means to acheive it.  We contemplated the question of how to reach a larger audience in the industry, and how to keep that audience returning to her website.  We covered all the points of her "wish list" and soon after our initial meeting, presented her with a rough roadmap of the impending project.   

Our first step in the project was to give ICP a new identity.  We had one of our graphic artists create several logo sketches and then went to our client for approval.  Once we had her approval, we created a corporate identity package for ICP. This new image would be preserved through the web presence, marketing materials, and any correspondance from ICP. 

Next we moved on to the web site design phase.   During this phase of the project, we let the content dictate the design of the site.  We attempted to build a very useful but also scalable interface that would allow room for growth.  During the process, we worked closely with our customer and let her vision guide the creation of the site.   When the front-end design was complete, we implemented our proprietary content management system on the back-end. 

In order to satisfy our customers need to be proactive in the maintenance of her site, we created interfaces for her and her staff to maintain the content, images, links, and overall site appearance.   We also built an interface to facilitate the creation of a monthly newsletter, and the tools to distribute the newsletter to site participants.

The next step was to begin promoting the site.  Our promotion of the site included search engine optimization, submitting the site to the major engines, pay-per-click advertising, and adding the site address to all printed marketing materials.  In addition, as our customer continued with her speaking engagements, she promoted the site to her audience.  In no time, her site began to get an average of 20,000 hits per month, and the sales of ICP's products began to grow rapidly. 

Since the completion of her web site, we have continued to work closely with Gail to enhance specific sections of her site.  We have discussed future plans and opportunities to continue to help her grow ICP Associates web presence into one of the most prominent sites in the industry.

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