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If you've ever thought to yourself, "There should be a easier way to solve this problem", then you're right!  Our software engineers have provided numerous customers with cost-saving solutions through custom programming.  From full-scale data conversions to Office utilities, we can help streamline your business processes and workflow with custom-built software.  Our programmers are skilled in multiple languages including C, C++,Visual Basic, VB.NET, SQL, ASP, ASP.NET, Java, and HTML.  Below are screenshots of some recent projects.

 One-on-One™ - An application written for VIPAR Heavy Duty, Inc. 


Like many of today's businesses, VIPAR holds an annual meeting.  During the meeting, VIPAR allows stockholders and manufacturers to meet and discuss issues realtive to their industry.  This application allowed VIPAR to collect data from both stockholders and manufacturers detailing with whom they would most like to meet. Then based upon the available number of meetings, the length of the meetings, the rankings, and some other factors, determine which meetings were possible.  The application also creates schedules for each participant, and an overall meeting schedule for VIPAR executives.

The Professional Courier™ - An application written for Harritos Professional Courier Service, Inc.

Harritos needed a way to get all of the basics that were taking so much of their time together in one application.  The application we provided integrated pricing, directions, time of delivery, and best routes. 

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