About Our Company

Dependable, Reliable, Experienced
Technical Professionals

We are dedicated to serving our customers by providing experts with impeccable attention to detail, experience, and above all moral integrity. Whether offering service remotely or in the field, technical advice in your board room, or writing code for your project, you can rest assured that DKB Consulting employees, contractors, and representatives will be working toward what's best for you.

DKB Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2007 when the term MSP was still evolving into it's definition of today. In those early years, MSPs and software developers were busy building tools to make IT maintenance proactive instead of reactive. By and large, the services offered to small businesses were very expensive, and not nearly as robust as they are today.

DKB Consulting was formed to cater to small businesses needing affordable services without sacrificing quality. Our company has grown from humble beginnings to a full-service IT Consulting company capable of fulfilling the IT needs of customers ranging in size from just a few employees to national retail chains.

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